Tales of the Princely Vengeance

Chapter I: Sailing Forth
Our Adventure Begins

My name is Xanatov. I am the captain of the ship called Princely Vengeance. Our tales of adventure and glory out in the void begin in Port Wanderer. Port Wanderer is a lonely little space station out in the Koronus Expanses. We originally set out for this far off locale once hearing that my rival Captain Callidan was gathering a large crew there. If he is gathering a large crew it must mean he has found something worth pursuing.

While we were in Port Wanderer we ran into an old family friend named Octus. He was able to give us some information on the whereabouts of Callidan and what he might be looking for. Captain Callidan is rumored to be heading for “The Battlegrounds” which is an ancient wreck of starships. However, Octus believes that Callidan’s target is actually somewhere else. Callidan has also been ordering large quantities of food, ammunition, and other supplies. He has also been buying up shelter construction material.

After talking to Octus at the Ministorium, Attlas and I were ambushed by a man with a lasgun as we left. We were fortunate. We were able to catch the would be assasin before he could do any damage. Attilas was able to blow his leg off with one shot of his bolter. The assasin quickly bled to death on the floor.

After some investigating, we were able to discover that the assasin had come from the Razor’s Edge. The Razor’s Edge is Callidan’s ship.

We decided to try to follow The Razor’s Edge and go after Callidan.


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